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Our services

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Professional visits

While COVID-19 continues to ravage the globe in 2021, Georgia opened its borders to foreign tourists starting March, 01. It is pleasant to announce that we are back at full capacity of organizing the local visits. Please, contact us via WhatsApp.

Tastings & Events

Focusing on publicity of small Georgian winegrowers, we regularly organize tastings in Tbilisi and abroad. For group tastings, please see announcements at the main page. For individual inquiries, do not hesitate to text us via WhatsApp.

Export & Delivery

While most of the wineries have already established commercial partnerships abroad, they are still limited. We are proud to be a distinctive importer of Georgian natural and organic wines to Seoul and South Korea. In 2021, our portfolio includes, but not limited to Lagvinari, Barbale, Georgeous and Ise Marani wines. Please, PM for detailed description of the wines and the price list. Personal delivery to our regular clients is discussed individually. For commercial offers, please contact us directly.


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