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Zangaura and Rare wines tasting 2021

Zangaura and Rare wines tasting

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Zangaura Budeshuri Saperavi (Semi-Sweet) 9$


Sweet and intense aroma of jammed raspberry, black chocolate and Sultana reminisces a berry tart. Light tannins compliment ephemeral medium body. Blackberry jam and stewed red fruits taste continues into light finish, followed by a pleasant touch of sweetness. A baked piglet, Parmesan or black chocolate mousse would pair perfectly with it.

Serving temperature: 14-15°C. ABV: 11.5%.


Zangaura Kindzmarauli (Semi-Sweet)   9$


Deep purple wine with pronounced varietal aroma and blackberry jam, ripe cherry, blackcurrant and blueberry jelly scent. The light body allows to appreciate aromatic complexity of ripe berries with marmalade and sweet spice nuances. Moderate acidity affords this wine to be paired with cakes, cherry mousse, black chocolate and nuts.

Serving temperature: 14-15°C. ABV: 12.0%.


Zangaura Saperavi 2016 7$


A dark red wine divulges into intense aromas of this indigenous Georgian grape variety of blackberry, red plum and black pepper. High level of acidity and tannins create remarkable flavour structure. Full body and long finish are testaments to the quality of Zangaura single vineyard grapes. The best pairing partners are beef stew and black Angus tomahawk steak.

Serving temperature: 15-18°C. ABV: 13.0%.


Zangaura Saperavi Premium 2016 7$


This exceptional red wine delivers blackcurrant, blueberry and nuanced wet earth and hay notes aromas. A perfect marriage of considerable acidity and velvety tannins create remarkable tasting experience. A scented attack lingers into a leathery and sweet tobacco finish. Savoury Asian soups, pork ribs and Camembert beg to be paired with Saperavi Premium.

Serving temperature: 15-18°C. ABV: 13.0%.


Zangaura Saperavi 2018 6$


This red wine is made from grapes which hail from a single vineyard in the Zangaura River Valley. Dark ruby colored, this Saperavi is dynamic and energetic, with  full body and distinctive notes of cherry, pomegranate, sweet spice and dark chocolate aromas. It pairs well with rib-eye steak, veal stew, pork barbecue and spicy cheeses. Exceptional ability to age.

Serving temperature: 15-18°C. ABV: 13.0%.


Zangaura Saperavi 2017 6$


The vintage enriched the wine with concentrated aromatic profile of blackberry jam, blueberry and earthy nuances. Sufficient level of acidity and substantial tannins are reinforced by plum and forest berries flavours. Unmistakable Saperavi tasting profile holds on to the long finish. Calf barbecue, beef steak and Gouda cheese are the dishes to pair with.

Serving temperature: 15-18°C. ABV: 13.0%.


Zangaura Saperavi Rosé (Semi-Dry) 5$


This rosé reveals intense aromas of raspberry, redcurrant, grapefruit zest, and Cornelian cherry. A high level of acidity is softened by elegant sweetness. Light body bears soft structure with citrus scents. This rosé pairs best with grilled shrimps, prosciutto, carpaccio and duck breast with cranberry sauce. Wine improves in bottle for two years.

Serving temperature: 8-9°C. ABV: 12.0%.


Zangaura Khikhvi (Semi-Sweet) 7$


Pale lemon-colored wine with an intense aroma and white flower, bergamot, apricot jam, melon and pineapple scents. A high level of acidity and enjoyable sweetness makes it a remarkably balanced wine. A full body with produces a long-lasting finish. It pairs best with sweets as well as foie gras, goat cheese and Asian sweet salads. Wine improves in bottle for two years.

Serving temperature: 14-15° C. ABV: 14.0%.


RARE Kisi 7$


This amber wine bears noticeble aromatic profile of apricot, quince and red apple. Pleasant acidity coupled with medium tannins effectively carry the wine through lenghty finish. Flavour profile unveils additional nuances of  lychee and pineapple. Kisi pairs best with baked poultry, spicy veal, and hard cheese.

Serving temperature: 14-15°C. ABV: 12.0%.


RARE Rkatsiteli 7$


The traditional amber style of the most praised Georgian white grape gracefully opens with notes of peach, ripe pear and nectarine. Distinguishable flavour structure supports flavoursome wine to a tangy finish. Despite its concentrated palate, the wine is an effortless drink with grilled vegetables, pork steak, various barbecue or cow cheese.

Serving temperature: 14-15° C. ABV: 12.0%.


RARE Otskhanuri Sapere 9$


Dark ruby in colour, this red wine delivers intense aroma of ripe red cherry, raspberry, wild plum, cinnamon, and roasted coffee beans notes. Pleasant acidity and noticeable tannins let flavours of red rose and black cherry dominate the palate. Otskhanuri Sapere pairs best with baked duck, Asian noodles, soups and pork sausages. Ageing in a cellar for next five years will reveal true complexity of the grape variety.

Serving temperature: 15-18°C. ABV: 12.0%.

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